Get to know Aurélie Guéguen from TME

September 2022

Aurélie Guéguen and her team at TME main activities in SAFELiMOVE are mainly focused on leading the part regarding “Specifications and requirements”. The goal of this is to define and to follow up the cells requirements from the final users. Cost and performance targets are initially defined for large cells and then translated to targets for small cells which are studied first.

What was your original motivation to become a researcher?
During academic studies I received broad and general training on materials science. But during my PhD where I could focus on a specific topic on solid state chemistry, I realised how many questions I had to ask myself to understand fully different phenomena. It is very exciting to look for new answers that help to get a better overview of phenomena. It never stops.

What is your (main) research area today?
Currently my main research area focuses on developing, designing and testing new polymer electrolytes for Li metal batteries based on knowledge built so far on the topic.

What is the main objective of your team in SAFELiMOVE?
Our team is happy to take part into SAFELiMOVE as, as end user, we want to make sure that new polymer-based Li metal solid batteries under development can meet cost and performance targets required from end users but can also be produced on a large scale so that the new batteries can be integrated into new generation of electric vehicles.

What expertise and facilities does your team have to meet those objectives?
Toyota has been commercialising hybrid electric vehicles since 1997 and has a great experience on electrification. In our team, even at R&D level, we always keep in mind customers expectations and target to always make them happier.

Which aspects of your research at SAFELiMOVE do you believe are the most innovative and what unique opportunities offers SAFELiMOVE to yourself and/or your organisation?
SAFELiMOVE is a great opportunity to work with people from different countries cultures and areas. It is good to feel all these energies focusing towards the same aim. When we all met physically during our last GA I really felt a stronger interaction than during online meetings.

How do you see the future use of the SAFELiMOVE-results and the impact of SAFELiMOVE-project in our daily lives?
If SAFELiMOVE Project is able to achieve its targets, it may pave the way for the electrification and its spread through all of Europe.