Planned & Achieved


The results of the SAFELiMOVE project will be documented in reports.
The overview below shows the planned reports divided over the different topics.
When a report is available, the document can be accessed by clicking on the title.
Please note that when a report contains confidential information, only the public summary will be available.


Specifications and requirements for battery cells
Lead partner: TME

  1. Specifications, performances & cost requirements for small and large cells | Public Summary [Apr 2020]
  2. Plan & criteria for the concept validation | Public Summary [Jul 2020]

Advanced material set (anode/electrolyte/cathode)
Lead partner: SCHOTT AG

  1. Electrochemical performance in standard Li-ion battery and powder properties of developed cathode materials | Public Summary [Jan 2022]
  2. Physical and electrochemical characterization of Li anodes | Public Summary [Dec 2021]
  3. Synthesis and characterization of hybrid electrolyte for Level 1 –3 materials | Public Summary [May 2023]

Materials processing (electrode, electrolyte) and small cell design
Lead partner: CIDETEC

  1. Small prototype cells design and assembly definitions | Public Summary [Dec 2020]
  2. High throughput testing (HTT) on micro full cells for materials and deposition screening and optimization | Public Summary [Jan 2023]
  3. Electrodes and electrolyt processing development | Public Summary [May 2023]

Solid-solid Interface analysis
Lead partner: CIC ENERGIGUNE

  1. Characteristics of hybrid electrolyte surfaces and interface characterization | Public Summary [Jun 2022]
  2. Characterization & stability of solid-solid interfaces in full cell configuration, prior- and post-cycling. Level 1-3 materials | Public Summary

Cell design development and 10 Ah cells prototyping
Lead partner: SAFT

  1. Large pouch cell prototype cell design & assembly definitions | Public Summary [Jun 2023]
  2. Electrodes and separator strips manufacturing | Public Summary [Jun 2023]
  3. Electrodes and separator strips manufacturing | Public Summary [Jun 2023]
  4. 10Ah prototypes manufacturing | Public Summary [Jul 2023]

Testing and aging at multi-cell level
Lead partner: RENAULT SAS

  1. Performances of 1h and 10 Ah pouch cells | Public Summary
  2. Post mortem report | Public Summary
  3. Battery module performance | Public Summary

Industrialization perspective and Roadmap towards 2030
Lead partner: TUB

  1. Cost model and production aspect solid state batteries | Public Summary [Sep 2023]
  2. Standardization protocols for solid state cells | Public Summary
  3. Life Cycle Assessment | Public Summary
  4. Recycling study on SAFELiMOVE technologies | Public Deliverable [May 2023]
  5. Evaluation of battery cell and lifetime optimization route | Public Deliverable
  6. Battery cell and Material Development Roadmap | Public Deliverable

Multiscale-Multiphysics battery modelling
Lead partner: ABEE

  1. Interface modelling | Public Summary [Jul 2022]
  2. Report on the process and upscale modelling | Public Deliverable
  3. Assessment of developed battery cell | Public Deliverable
  4. Validated & improvement of SAFELiMOVE battery models | Public Summary

Dissemination, exploitation strategy & business plans

  1. Dissemination tools (website, flyer, project & templates)| Public Deliverable [Jun 2020]
  2. Dissemination plan | Public Deliverable [Jun 2020]
  3. Data management plan | Public Summary [Jun 2020]
  4. Draft Exploitation plan | Public Summary [Jul 2021]
  5. IPR Interim report | Public Summary [Dec 2021]
  6. Final Exploitation plan | Public Summary [Nov 2023]
  7. Newsletters | Public Deliverable
  8. IPR Final report | Public Summary [Aug 2023]