SAFT research and developments teams have developed new lithium-ion electrochemistries since beginning of 90’s. Saft research department employs 50 people working on development of new materials, electrochemical concepts, electrode and cell design, processes for electrode preparation, modelling and battery management system. Its research centre located in Bordeaux is well equipped to characterize material (XRD, SAXS, SEM, Ar beam cross polisher, XRF, ICP, DLS, Laser particle size distribution measurement , BET, DSC, TGA, contact angle measurement, GC-MS, rheometer, low and high current potentiostat -galvanostat, impedance spectroscopy, climatic chambers (low & high temperature), ..). The R&T department is also equipped with various mixers, calendering machine, welding and laser cutting machines, equipment to manufacture many sizes of cells (coin, 18650 and pouch cells). Saft incubator department is also located in Bordeaux is working with industrial equipment able to scale-up the processes for electrode and prototype cell manufacturing defined by research department. The process which requires any moisture traces are done in a large dry room. Both research and incubator are working in close relationship to accelerate the manufacturing of new generation batteries prototypes.


Country: France
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