CIC Energigune

CIC energiGUNE (CICe) is a non-profit energy research centre based in the Basque Country (Spain), funded in 2011. CIC energiGUNE is divided into two main research areas, Electrochemical Energy Storage (EES) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). The EES area focuses in materials and novel devices for electrochemical energy storage including batteries and supercaps. This is  achieved by combining interdisciplinary teams working towards a) excellent and high impact research in materials and electrochemical devices for storage applications; b) becoming a reference centre for collaborative technology transfer to industry and c) high level training of young researchers and creation of new business sectors. The centre has the backing of public institutions and administrations, and of companies directly related to the energy sector.



Country: Spain
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“CIC energiGUNE coordinates the SAFELiMOVE project to collaborate in the development of breakthrough materials for cost-efficient, high energy density and safe solid-state batteries for electric vehicles. SAFELiMOVE is a unique opportunity to reinforce the battery value chain, contributing to the competitivity and employment in Europe”