CIDETEC Energy Storage is specialized in creating new battery technologies according to specific challenges, and its ultimate transference to the industry. The institute has the capacity to develop complete products and processes and offers material validation, pilot manufacture, pack engineering and battery testing services. CIDETEC Energy Storage involves up to 55 specialized researchers distributed into two technological units: Materials for Energy -38 researchers with a background of chemistry, electrochemistry and materials- and Systems Engineering -17 researchers, mainly electrical and mechanical engineers. CIDETEC Energy Storage has an outstanding performance in EU funded projects, particularly belonging to the framework of EGVI –the European Green Vehicles Initiative contractual private-public partnership. CIDETEC Energy Storage is also involved as an active player in several EU level platforms and associations
such as EGVIA, EMIRI, ETIP-SNET (WG2 on Energy Storage) industrial associations, and EARPA, EERA or ALISTORE research platforms. Additionally, CIDETEC Energy Storage cooperates closely with the industry in the context of bilateral, direct contract research and product development projects, both at the National and International level.

Country: Spain
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“The Materials for Energy Unit at CIDETEC will bring its expertise on Li-ion electrode formulations and coating processes, as well as cell design, assembly, electrochemical testing and modelling, in order to achieve the proof-of-concept of SAFELiMOVE solid battery cells. As leader of WP4, CIDETEC team will be mainly focused on cathode processing optimization, full cell components (electrode and electrolyte) harmonization and small pouch cell (1 Ah) prototype development and assembly. Furthermore, CIDETEC will also be involved in cell testing (WP7) as well as collaborate in the interface characterization (WP5), and use these as inputs to collaboratively develop a multi-physics battery model for the solid-state cells (WP9). Through SAFELiMOVE, CIDETEC aims to strengthen the collaboration with the most important actors of the European battery scene generating scientific and technologically relevant knowledge which will contribute to the development of sustainable advanced electric mobility.”