Cost model and production aspects of solid-state batteries

August 2023

Involved partners: ABEE

In today’s fast-evolving landscape of renewable energy and electric mobility, the cost of batteries stands as a critical determinant in the transition toward sustainable technologies. This report explores battery cost modeling, a vital tool for understanding the intricacies of what makes energy storage affordable and accessible. As the demand for clean energy solutions, such as electric vehicles, surges, deciphering the factors impacting battery costs is essential. This report focuses on developing and analysing a battery cost model, shedding light on the methodologies, variables, and real-world dynamics underpinning this critical aspect of our sustainable future.

  • Objective: The goal is to create a comprehensive cost model to dissect and quantify the expenses associated with different battery components. Through this, we intend to gain a deeper understanding of the cost dynamics of producing solid-state batteries, which are pivotal for advancing sustainable energy solutions.
  • Research: Looking at it from a Process-Based Cost Modeling (PBCM) perspective, one can convert a battery cell’s chemical and physical traits into a workable model. The data was collected from pieces of literature and partners and used in this model to identify the cost of the battery.
  • Result: The cost of the SAFELiMOVE cells was calculated at the lab scale and giga factory scale.
  • Utilization of results: By understanding the details of battery production costs, we can make informed choices that lead to more efficient and cheaper energy solutions.
  • Impact: The cost model for solid-state batteries provides valuable insights into production aspects and material costs, enabling optimisation of manufacturing processes and material selection. This model significantly impacts cost-efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability, thereby driving the adoption of solid-state batteries in various applications.

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Figure 1: The variable parameters influencing the cost of battery production.