TOYOTA MOTOR EUROPE (TME) is the regional headquarters of Toyota in Europe. Located in Brussels (Belgium), TME acts as the centre for all European operations including the principal areas of engineering, manufacturing, marketing & sales activities. Established in 1987,the Toyota Technical Centre in Zaventem (Belgium) is home to TME’s European Research & Development (R&D) facility, notably doing leading-edge research in Europe for the Toyota group in the field of batteries, fuel cells, catalysts. Besides its in-house activity (mostly related to battery and fuel cell evaluation), ARM has several R&D projects with European universities and research institutes related to the different technologies enumerated above. The main role of ARM is to identify breakthrough technologies in Europe related to those area, to promote research on the new identified seeds, to secure those technologies via IP protection and finally to promote those research achievements within the Toyota. Over the last 5 years our ARM members have been gradually more involved in European and national funded projects and are taking an active role in several consortia. In addition, ARM members are involved in advisory boards of different associations and partnerships.

Country: Belgium
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TME is taking part in SAFELiMOVE project because it is an ambitious and challenging European project aimed to develop new breakthrough technology for next generation of lithium batteries.