Get to know Arpit Mishra from ABEE

October 2022

Arpit Mishra and his team at ABEE main activities in SAFELiMOVE are cell testing, chracterisation and multi-scale and multiphysics modeling, specially focused on/leading the Multiscale-multiphysics modeling that aims at the development of SAFELiMOVE cell technology through physics based continuum modeling.

What was your original motivation to become a researcher?
I have always loved science and have the curiosity to find a solution to a complex problem. I realized that as a researcher, I could follow my passion for science and problem-solving. Following my love, I pursued my PhD in photovoltaics materials. Gaining the knowledge of electrochemistry and numerical modelling from my PhD I am now applying them to materials for energy storage.

What is your (main) research area today?
Nowadays, my main focus is on the materials used in solid-state batteries and also on different interfaces within the cell. I am applying a multiscale simulation approach to understand various phenomena within the cell.

What is the main objective of your team in SAFELiMOVE?
For ABEE, we are doing cell testing and leading a work package that involves the development of a multiscale multiphysics model, along with the help of other partners. In this work package, we have to perform sensitivity analysis involving the key parameters during the upscaling of cells.

What expertise and facilities does your ream have to meet those objectives?
ABEE has the expertise and fully equipped electrochemical and materials testing lab that can adequately test cells under different conditions. Their expertise in numerical modelling can ensure the fulfilment of objectives.

Which aspects of your research at SAFELiMOVE do you believe are the most innovative and what unique opportunities offers SAFELiMOVE to yourself and/or your organisation?
SAFELiMOVE brings different partners with significant expertise together to work towards a common goal. Sharing knowledge between the partners can help attain good results and help ABEE enhance their expertise in developing solid-state batteries.

How do you see the future use of the SAFELiMOVE-results and the impact of SAFELiMOVE-project in our daily lives?
Results of SAFELiMOVE will provide reliable information that can help develop safer batteries with higher energy density and long life cycles.