#LCBAT12019 Cluster – 2nd joint Newsletter

November 2022

The #LCBAT12019 Cluster is happy to release the second version of our joint newsletter.

ASTRABAT, SAFELiMOVE, SOLiDIFY and SUBLIME are four EU-funded projects aiming to create solutions to produce strongly improved, highly performant and safe all solid-state batteries for electric vehicles. These projects are part of a broader drive by the European Union to make electric mobility become the next transport mode and contribute to the EU overall goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80-95% by 2050 (currently, the transport sector is responsible for around one quarter of Europe’s GHG emissions). It is expected that e-mobility will represent 70% of the total rechargeable Li-ion battery cell market’s value in 2022 and that 70% of the EU electricity should be produced by renewable energies. Hence, the electric battery storage is vital in this transition to clean mobility and clean energy systems.

Having started in the beginning of 2020, the four projects are now entering their final phase. To reach a higher impact, the cluster is going to participate jointly in industry events, such as TRA Lisbon with a session on Batteries for automotive applications and it is already organising a joint final conference to be held in mid-2023.

Read about the project’s latest developments and do not forget to follow our hashtag #LCBAT12019 to stay up to date with the latest news from the Cluster!

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