Hydro-Québec (HQ) is a utility company that produces, transmits and distributes electricity. It is owned 100% by the provincial government. HQ generates more than 99% of its electricity from water, a source of clean, renewable energy. It develops projects using best practices and innovative technological solutions to limit and mitigate environmental impacts. Québec hydropower can be part of the solution to the major challenges facing North America in reducing GHG emissions and ensuring a secure supply of electricity. Hydro-Québec is the only electric utility in North America to have a research centre the size of IREQ. The company invests a yearly average of $130 million in its innovation projects. The IREQ team is made up of approximately 500 people: a broad range of scientists, technicians, engineers and specialists pool their efforts and expertise to support Hydro-Québec in every facet of its operations, from electricity generation to consumption.



Country: Canada
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“Hydro-Quebec is thrilled to fast-track the development of solid-state batteries for transportation electrification and energy storage through its participation in the SafeLiMove project. Together with the project members, we are convinced that we can produce major breakthroughs by sharing our respective expertise. This collaboration is a boost to Hydro-Quebec’s commitment to sustainable development.”