“Solid-state electrolytes for safe rechargeable lithium metal batteries: a strategic view”

June 2023

Title: Solid-state electrolytes for safe recargeable lithium metal batteries: a strategic view

Written by: Leire Meabe, Itziar Aldalur, Simon Lindberg, Mikel Arrese-Igor, Michel Armand, Maria Martinez-Ibañez and Heng Zhang.

Abstract: Despite the efforts devoted to the identification of new electrode materials with higher specific capacities and electrolyte additives to mitigate the well-known limitations of current lithium-ion batteries, this technology is believed to have almost reached its energy density limit. It suffers also of a severe safety concern ascribed to the use of flammable liquid-based lectrolytes. In this regard, solid-state electrolytes (SSEs) enabling the use of lithium metal as anode in the so-called solid-state lithium metal batteries (SSLMBs) are considered as the most desirable solution to tackle the aforementioned limitations. This emerging technology has rapidly evolved in recent years thanks to the striking advances gained in the domain of electrolyte materials, where SSEs can be classified according to their core chemistry as organic, inorganic, and hybrid/composite electrolytes. This strategic review presents a critical analysis of the design strategies reported in the field of SSEs, summarizing their main advantages and disadvantages, and providing a future perspective toward the rapid development of SSLMB technology.

solid-state electrolytes, lithium metal batteries, polymer electrolytes, safe batteries, inorganic solid electrolyte, hybrid electrolyte, composite electrolyte.

Orginal article: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/2752-5724/accdf3