Delivery of materials: oxidic material, polymer electrolyte, active material and lithium metal

February 2023


Guided by the feedback obtained from partners working on the validation of previous material and cell generations, an optimized set of materials has been designed by CICe, Schott, Umicore, and HQ, and delivered to CIDETEC to scale up the manufacturing of the electrolyte and cathode layers.

  • Objective: The goal is to define cell composition that fulfills the requirements for safer and higher energy density solid state batteries.
  • Research: Research has been focused on the development of more stable and conductive materials. To this end, feedback from SAFELiMOVE partners on materials has been considered.
  • Result: The definition of cell composition with improved properties in comparison to the previously proposed chemistries. The developed materials are suitable for upscaling.
  • What will the results be used for: The defined materials will be used to manufacture electrolyte and cathode in large scale at CIDETEC facilities that will allow the assembly of the latest 1 Ah SAFELiMOVE cells generation.
  • Impact: This will imply the readiness to upscale the preparation of hybrid ceramic-polymer electrolyte and cathode to be tested by SAFELiMOVE partners in 1 Ah cells.