Delivery of 1st generation of 1 Ah SAFELiMOVE solid-state pouch cells

November 2022

Intermediate result from partner: CICe, RENAULT, TME, IKERLAN, CEA, CIDETEC Energy Storage, RWTH, ABEE

After optimization of materials formulation, and further validation of cell configuration at coin and single-layer pouch cell level, both high loading Ni-rich NMC based solid state cathode and solid electrolyte were upscaled and manufactured by CIDETEC Energy Storage, to assembly 16 pouch cells with nominal capacity of 1 Ah, using Li metal as negative electrode. Such 1 Ah solid-state pouch cells have been delivered to different partners involved in SAFELiMOVE project for further characterization.

  • Objective: The aim is to test 1 Ah pouch cells using different protocols and conditions, agreed by the partners involved in such tasks.
  • Research: The research has been focused on the configuration of the solid-state pouch cells, toward obtaining an optimum design of cells with a nominal capacity of 1 Ah, after optimization of composition of upscaled solid state cathode (containing the catholyte) and solid electrolyte.
  • Result: CIDETEC Energy Storage has designed and successfully fabricated 16 solid state pouch cells with reproducible nominal capacity, and different electrochemical parameters checked before delivery of such cells to SAFELiMOVE partners.
  • What will it be used for: Knowledge gained on process parameters during cell component manufacturing and 1 Ah cell assembly will be transferred for upscaled ~10 Ah cell manufacturing. The electrochemical characterization of 1st generation of 1 Ah cell will help for designing upcoming 2nd generation of cells.
  • Impact: The achievement of reproducible 1 Ah solid-state cells allows to SAFELiMOVE project to continue the development of safer and higher energy density solid state batteries.