Delivery of 2nd generation (GEN 2) solid-state pouch cells to project partners for further testing

August 2023

Involved partners: CIDETEC, CIC Energigune, UMICORE, Schott, HYDRO-QUEBEC

CIDETEC completed the delivery of 1st batch of 2nd generation solid-state pouch cells. The assembled cells were delivered to other corresponding partners in the project to facilitate further testing.

  • Objective: The objective was to fabricate 25 of 1 Ah GEN 2 solid-state pouch cells-based on: (1) Lithium metal foil as anode received from Hydro-Quebec, (2) high loading solid-state cathode developed and manufactured by CIDETEC using advanced Ni-rich NMC active material received from UMICORE, and (3) hybrid composite polymer solid electrolyte (HCPE) prepared by CIDETEC using materials received from CIC Energigune and Schott under formulation developed by CIC with a nominal capacity up to 1 Ah.
  • Research: Careful research was carried out to upscale the cathode and solid electrolyte preparation process. Cathode with developed formulation was upscaled on CIDETEC’s pilot line.
  • Result: The delivered batch comprised of 25 GEN 2 multilayered pouch cells, which were assembled with NMC811 based composite cathodes with a loading up to 3.0 mAh/cm2, ultrathin lithium metal anode with thickness of 0.04 mm, and HCPE electrolyte based on polymers and Li-ion conductive ceramic materials which is mechanically reinforced with a commercial used separator.
  • Utilization of results: The cells delivered to other partners in the project will be put through further characterization and extensive testing based on the agreed-upon protocols in the SAFELiMOVE project.
  • Impact: This batch of pouch cells support the concept of upscaled production of high energy positive electrodes and solid composite electrolytes for solid-state batteries. The practical applications of these batteries require wide-ranging tests and analysis, which will carried out by SAFELiMOVE partners.

Figure 1 shows an example of a manufactured GEN 2 solid-state pouch solid state cell with nominal capacity of 1 Ah.

Figure 1: GEN 2 solid-state pouch cell