Delivery of materials, coin and monolayer cells, towards 1 Ah-class solid state cell configuration

July 2022

Intermediate result from partners: CICe, HYDRO-QUEBEC (HQ), CEA, CIDETEC, ABEE.

After optimization of formulation and processing of cathode and solid electrolyte, both materials have been manufactured and upscaled at CIDETEC facilities, to deliver component pieces in required size to different partners involved in this task. Further assembly of cells, using such components and Li metal from HQ as negative electrode, in coin-type and single-layer pouch format, were already delivered.

  • Objective: The aim is to validate the materials and the electrochemical performance of coin and monolayer cells containing such materials, to validate the second generation of SAFELiMOVE cells and provide feedback to adjust the 1 Ah cells configuration and assembly towards upcoming milestone.
  • Research: The research has been focused on the materials components of the cells, toward obtaining an optimum composition of both cathode (containing the catholyte) and electrolyte. It has been done varying and adjusting the experimental parameters to upscaling higher quantities of materials.
  • Result: The result was the fabrication of solid-state cell components with homogeneous and optimal properties which has led to the assembly of coin and single-layer pouch cells. Such materials and cells will be tested and validated by SAFELiMOVE partners.
  • What will it be used for: The results will be used for adjusting the parameters towards the fabrication of solid-state pouch cells with nominal capacity of 1 Ah planned for upcoming milestone.
  • Impact: This will assure the achievement of 1 Ah-class solid state cells, solving previously possible issues in its design, as well as to continue the development of safer and higher energy density solid state batteries.